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Welcome to llamasllamas.com!

In our llama ranch, we have two llamas, which are Salt and Pepper. These two llamas have joined our ranch in 2000 to fulfil a long-time dream of Tim's, the ranch ownver, and to take some pressure off our friend's pasture. The llamas are gentle animals that act as 'silent' watchdogs in the ranch. Their silence is broken when a bear enters the perimeter - and a distressed llama sound is issued by one, or both, of them until the bear moves on.

The llamas issue gentle humming sounds if they need your attention, or if they're a little stressed; otherwise they'll remain quiet for days at a time.

People often ask, "Llamas spit; don't they?", when they're first introduced to them. It has been our experience that llamas tend to spit at each other as a way of keeping another llama from their food.

We know that llamas tell us their demeanor by the position of their ears: Ears forward indicates their curiousity is roused; Ears up indicates a 'normal' position; Ears back is a sign of their concern, and finally, Ears waaay back is a warning to to move out of 'spit-range'. Come and visit our llamas and take some pictures with our llamas!

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